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Fedder, Gurau & Staniewski - Chartered Professional Accountants


Our goal is to provide information to our clients that will contribute to their business success. Our clients are successful because they have developed their own business plan. Within this business plan are business goals the client wishes to achieve. These goals include maximizing profit and cash flow, minimizing income tax and arranging appropriate financing.

Our main focus is to provide consulting services that will lead to achieving the financial goals of our client.

Tax Planning

Tax preparation of Corporate and Personal Income tax Returns is the final product of the on going tax planning process. Prior to the completion of the income tax returns we consult with the client to ensure that the appropriate strategy is undertaken in order to minimize current and future income taxes. Our team is continuously keeping current with the ever-changing rules and regulations. Our goal is to ensure our clients comply with the legislation and to avoid the many trips and traps of the tax world.

Income tax strategies such as Retirement Compensation Arrangements, Individual Pension Plans and Universal Life Insurance Plans are examined. We provide information to our clients on these various strategies in order to ensure that tax minimization is optimized.

With all the new investment vehicles on the market it is equally important to know the tax implications attributed to these investments prior to purchase. Investments such as REITS, Income Trusts, Principal-Guaranteed Notes, mutual funds, segregated mutual funds, labor-sponsored investment funds, Flow-Through LP investments, real estate etc. are some examples we review for their tax implications.