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Fedder, Gurau & Staniewski - Chartered Professional Accountants


Our goal is to provide information to our clients that will contribute to their business success. Our clients are successful because they have developed their own business plan. Within this business plan are business goals the client wishes to achieve. These goals include maximizing profit and cash flow, minimizing income tax and arranging appropriate financing.

Our main focus is to provide consulting services that will lead to achieving the financial goals of our client.

Buying a Dental Practice

There are many issues to consider when reviewing the information relating to the purchase of a dental practice. We work together visiting the location, viewing the premises, reviewing the financial information and preparing a due diligence report. We will review financial information closely and compare to industry standards, to report on any discrepancies that are problematic. We work together with the lawyer to assist with any information required for the Offer to Purchase Agreement. We will work closely with the financial institution to provide any cash flows and/or financial statements as required.