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Fedder, Gurau & Staniewski - Chartered Professional Accountants


Our clients consist of owner-managed businesses in a wide range of industries.

We also have a large number of clients who are medical practitioners.
We strive to provide our clients with timely quality service. Our clients are important to us.

Our business builds from the referrals of our existing clients.

Information Technology

Large amounts of time and money are spent on research to develop products to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. Once a product has been developed, companies usually do not have enough financial resources to market and sell the product. The company has created an asset that is very difficult to finance. Our team provides financing options to assist with this next stage of the business cycle. We also assist our clients in applying for government refundable tax credits that provide cash for the business.

Commission Sales

Employees, Independent Operators.

Whether an employee, incorporated or unincorporated independent operator, there are specific taxation issues that apply to commission income earners. Our team takes a proactive approach on your business affairs to ensure all government requirements for income tax and other matters are dealt with in a timely fashion. We can review your business needs and suggest options for tax minimization. We provide consulting services at all stages of your business to help it succeed at growing in the current marketplace.


lawyers, engineers, architects, musicians etc.

The professional is faced with different challenges than other businesses. Providing a professional service to a customer requires taking the responsibility of professional liability. A main concern of our professional clients is limiting liability. Our team provides options to minimize this liability. The professional business is usually highly leveraged in payroll costs. Our business consulting services provides solutions for maximizing profitability, maximizing cash flow and working towards tax minimization strategies.

Healthcare Professionals

dentists, psychiatrists, anaesthetists, oral surgeons etc.

As a result of the recent changes to allow healthcare professionals to incorporate, there is a need to ensure that these professionals receive the proper advise for tax minimization and maximizing cash flow. There are many investment opportunities that need to be discussed and reviewed based on the professional’s personal needs and goals. Our team understands the needs of our clients in this industry, and we provide the business advice and tools to assist in growing the business.

Real Estate

We have been serving the needs of land developers, builders, property managers and landlords for many years. In this industry, financing is most important. Economic uncertainty of the real estate market and interest rate fluctuations provide increased fear of entry/exit into the real estate industry. Our team provides solutions to various aspects of the client’s specific needs.

Dental Associates

In addition to providing tax consulting, preparing a professional business statement for income tax purposes and income tax return preparation, we also provide financial planning to assist with disability and life insurance needs and investment analysis needs.